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Control Electrical Certs with NICEIC Cert Software

Clik’s NICEIC Certification Software allowed electrical contractors David C. Attwood to take back control of their electrical certificates and set them apart from the competition.

David C. Attwood have been providing NICEIC accredited electric installation services from their Loughborough base since 1979. The team of two electrical contractors work across the Midlands with the likes of Leicestershire County Council.

Their challenges

The dynamic duo at David C. Attwood are acutely aware of how quickly their working day can be consumed by admin and certification paperwork. Having long been accredited with the NICEIC they took advantage of its online cert services, to get away from old fashioned paper certs. These fit the bill, but left them open to the mercy of flaky internet connections and far off servers. If either of these failed or needed maintenance, they’d be left stranded unable to complete their work and loosing valuable time and money. “We needed software we had control over,” explained Nigel Watret from David C. Attwood.

“If the NICEIC website was down for maintenance at the weekend, then I wouldn’t be able to produce my certificates. I need to be able to produce certificates at a time to suit me and not be reliant on others via their online certification.”

Frustrated, they asked the NICEIC for a more robust reliable solution and were recommended to trial Clik’s NICEIC Cert Software as the leading accredited product.

How Clik Helped

“We need professional software which is quick and easy to use, looks great and most importantly still functions offline. Clik’s NICEIC Certification Software fulfills all of these requirements. I tried the free download first and was very impressed when Josh at Clik linked to my computer and showed me all of its functionality. I soon picked up the short cut keys and have become quite proficient.”

Following a “very simple and very easy” implementation David C. Attwood were set up with their new certification software, and soon had their own cert templates personalised with their own logo.

Benefits Of Clik

The NICEIC Certification Software has helped David C. Attwood continue to create professional personalised certificates whilst keeping them in control of when and how they use their software.

“I like many things about the software, like the library planner but particularly how it allows you to type as much as you want in the circuit details and add additional notes for the recipient explaining what’s what to the client,” said Nigel.

The NICEIC Certification Software also helped David C. Attwood stand out from their competitors, creating professional certificates every time.

“People expect paper work for their records and the Clik NICEIC Certification Software can manage this smartly on paper or be emailed in PDF format. My certification also now stands out from others, as it’s more comprehensive, always up to date and easy to read and understand.

“All of the support team are really friendly, very helpful and always had a solution to any problems we encountered when getting used to the software.

"I will continue to use the Clik’s NICEIC Certification Software for sure and recommend it to everybody!"

Nigel Watret
David C Attwood