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Daikin Americas Launch New Customer Tool

In November 2008, Daikin AC (Americas), Inc. (DACA) launched a new customer-focused software sales tool called the Technical Resource Library (TRL). DACA acquired the original program from Daikin Air Conditioning U.K., Ltd. and enhanced it by adding a variety of other user-friendly functions and features to suit the needs of the North American market.

Information Repository

TRL is designed to provide DACA customers, distributors and independent sales representatives with an easy-to-use repository for all product specifications, submittals and guide specifications, technical data, and also unit and accessory list pricing.

Since launching the tool, DACA has continued to develop and improve the software. As well as listening to comments from users and implementing
various improvements, the company is progressively refining TRL to meet its long-term vision for the program.

Live Update

TRL puts all applicable DACA product, pricing and technical information at the customer’s fingertips, allowing them to expand their knowledge, quickly

address enquiries and generally streamline the purchase of Daikin equipment. This data is provided in real time via a live update function.

All Users Also Receive Program Updates

Including new functions, features, data, and pricing via the Internet. This ensures everyone is always using the latest information and significantly reduces a number of materials that have to be physically distributed to customers.

Double Benefits

DACA has also noticed a number of TRL “fringe benefits” that are providing a major boost to productivity. These benefits include a sharp reduction in the number of queries about basic product specifications, requests for support documentation and current pricing. This has allowed DACA’s support teams to spend more time assisting customers with engineering and application issues, which are more meaningful for business expansion. Another significant benefit is that TRL is equipped with an integrated function that uploads all customer project and quotation activity to the DACA server, from where it is transferred to a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This information allows DACA to establish a clearer view of the job pipeline and customer activity, and also to improve forecasting accuracy for production to help meet aggressive sales budget targets.

Future Development

DACA is already planning future improvements that will further appeal to its customer base and strengthen its reputation. The company also intends to improve accessibility to Daikin product information beyond its direct customers. Some initiatives currently under development include:

  • Automatic generation of submittal data documentation after a quotation is created.
  • Development of a dedicated version of TRL for plan and spec (consulting) engineers and DNA
  • (Daikin Network Alliance) dealers.
  • Addition of a shopping cart function plus ancillary items normally sold specifically by customers in addition to Daikin equipment.

DACA reports that as of April 1, there were over 1,000 registered TRL users with a further 1,000 expected to sign up in April. The feedback from customers has been extremely positive, with users praising TRL’s user-friendliness and intuitiveness. Many are also saying the program has helped them to become much more effective in their daily efforts to sell DACA products.

Lee Smith
Director of Product
Engineering & Applications, Daikin AC (Americas), Inc.