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We Saved 43% On Our Service Management Software

CSR have grown to be the largest independent catering supplies and repair firm in Scotland, having been run by the same family since 1978. Based in Falkirk, they’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in hospitality including Hilton Hotels and JD Wetherspoon, as well as big brands such as Electrolux. 

service management software used by CSR Ltd

Their Challenges

CSR were no strangers to job management software before they discovered Clik, but they found that as their business grew and their customers’ needs evolved their old system just couldn't keep up.

Their customers needed more detailed daily reports which CSR struggled to create with their old software.

While no longer being fit for purpose, the cost of the old system CSR was using was also beginning to escalate. There was a growing need for its pricey job management functions setting them back over £10,000 a year.

Frustrated with their expensive and outdated software, CSR looked for an alternative.

How Clik Helped

Remembering the name Clik from a demo CD sent to them nearly a decade before, CSR tracked down the new company in search of a solution to their pricey reporting woes.

Clik was able to move CSR over to Clik Service, Clik Remote and Clik Jobs, importing all their data from their old software, so nothing was lost.

Already converts to the time saving of digital worksheets, Clik Remote and Clik Jobs allowed CSR’s engineers to work in real time.

“With Clik Jobs, each time a job is complete the worksheet is instantly sent back to the office for processing. Whether it is a first time fix or parts that are required. We don’t have to wait on paperwork or worry about it getting lost.” said Lynn Stewart, General Manager at CSR.

Benefits Of Clik

With no subscription fees, CSR is set to save over £100,000 across the next decade, having spent more than £10,000 a year for the past decade. 

The software package CSR purchased from Clik reduced their annual costs instantly by £4,500 and allowed them to create bespoke report templates which they can quickly export to Excel spreadsheets.

CSR have found that they can seamlessly link between Clik Service, Clik Remote and Clik Jobs at the press of a button. The Clik Jobs app also allows their engineers to access and update jobs in even the most far-flung locations without a data signal or WIFI.

“Clik have been excellent. Their extremely friendly staff have been a great help in making sure we have got off to a good start with the software,” enthused Lynn Stewart.

“We are learning every day and finding, even more, benefits as we go along!”

Lynn Stewart
General Manager