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A Service Management Package That Links With Sage? Great!

Cinos needed a software package that could help them save time and increase efficiency in their office. With Clik Service, Cinos have managed to cut down time wasted whilst saving them £10,000 – £12,000 per year.

Founded in 2007, Cinos is a specialist systems integrator providing intelligent video solutions to businesses, governments and other organisations. Their team has over 20 years’ experience in the audio visual and IT industries.

Cinos have secured themselves a good reputation in the industry through delivering high levels of quality service. This has earned them customers that have included the Metropolitan Police and Guys & St Thomas Hospital.

Cinos Team

Before Clik Service

Cinos had previously been using a different service management software package that lacked accounts integration. This resulted in them routinely having to duplicate their invoicing to then be manually re-inputted into Sage. Constantly inputting data and doubling up on work meant that documents were beginning to get quite difficult to keep track of and repeating work was wasting time, reducing efficiency.

Cinos’ Operations Manager, Johanna Guest, started to look for another solution to integrate, organise and downloaded a trial of Clik Service. After trying Clik Service, Johanna decided to go ahead with purchasing Clik’s software package. “The price and service are fantastic, the system is great and is getting better with each upgrade.” 

Sage Integration

Clik Service integrating with Sage has been the notable feature that has helped Cinos speed up their accounts process. Keeping all information together on one system, allowing Cinos to be able to keep track of all their records and augment their office activity.

Johanna comments on the features of Clik she’s come to rely on the most; “Integration with Sage, being able to link the sales process easily from quote to invoice. Being able to track faults and being alerted when SLA’s are due, tracking of products/equipment installed on site and warranty… Being able to access information easily i.e. serial numbers, the linking is great and we can now keep track of everything.”

Savings Of £10,000 - £12,000 

Since Cinos’ initial installation, Clik Service has ensured that time spent repeating work has been reduced by 50%. This, in turn, has kept Cinos from employing someone part time to help with the extra workload that the previous system was creating. Saving Cinos from spending £10,000-£12,000 per year. 

“Clik makes our admin much easier and we are able to keep track of everything easily.”

As Clik Service v4 continues to develop, so do the ways in which Cinos has bettered from its system. “Before (Clik Service v4) we had to check in Clik that goods were being receipted and then manually put into Sage. Now I can check they’ve been received, put the invoice on and update any pricing. The old system didn’t do any of this and everything was duplicated and manual.”

Johanna Guest
Operations Manager
System Integration Specialists