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Cintrix Systems - Industry:- Fire Safety & Detection

Cintrix Systems provide fire safety and detection services to business and industry throughout South Wales.  Their customers include hospitals, local authorities, offices, schools and factories to name a few.  

Their innovative, professional, service combined with superior customer care has seen the company grow rapidly in the 3 years they’ve been established.  The fire safety industry is fraught with competition; this is a challenge that Martin Pitman, Managing Director of Cintrix Systems is familiar with having worked in the industry for 10 years.

“To be successful, we have to provide excellent service and be ahead of the competition, we believe having the right technology is key to that”. 

Choosing the right service management software… 

They made the decision in spring 2011 to implement a service management system.  “We needed some software that would keep up with the business as it was growing in size. With more staff, more customers and more work, something was needed in the background that was reliable and to keep everything running as smoothly as possible”.

Martin took to Google, and looked at a variety different of business management packages to suit its needs. 

“Clik Service stood out because of both price and simplicity.  The tabs system of Clik Service appealed as it was very user-friendly and the templates saved a lot of administrative time”.

Cintrix Systems, Fire Safety & Detection

Implementation and training

Cintrix Systems found Clik Service was no trouble to install, with plenty of help provided in the form of manuals and guidance from the support team.  Any problems were quickly resolved allowing the business to function at full capacity.  Martin said “Most difficulties were in putting the features of the software to work in a way that fitted the processes of the business. These were easily overcome with some thought, either by using Clik’s help features to get an insight into how best to use Clik Service or by using the user-definable nature of some parts of the software to fit in with the processes already in place”.


In the 2 years Cintrix Systems have been using Clik Service they have seen productivity in the office increase by 50% and began using Clik Remote in January 2013.

“Clik Remote will be incredibly helpful for engineers in the field as they will be able to check stock levels, view current tasks and update information to be used in the office all while out on the job”.

When new staff members have been taken on; Clik Service has allowed them to have simple access to the workings of the office early on.  This means that not too much time has had to be taken away from others members of staff in order for them to teach outdated paper-based work processes.

“It has been incredibly helpful also to have an instant overview of what work needs to be completed, what quotations have been sent out and what parts have been ordered in.  These and the other overview features have meant than all members of the office team can tell at a glance what stage their colleagues are all at, allowing staff to pick up seamlessly where others have left to get a job done.

Clik staff members have been polite and helpful and the company as a whole has an air of youth and inventiveness.  The development team have been very receptive to suggestions for potential improvements to the software”.

Martin Pitman
Managing Director
Cintrix Systems