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Onsite Training - Clik Service


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You’ve decided you need your business to run more efficiently, you want to save time and stop spending hours on paperwork – so you purchased Clik Service, great idea!

Now you need to implement it, learn how to use it, customise it to suit your business and train your team.  Sometimes that can seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry – we’re here to hold your hand.

We’ll find out about your business, what you do, how you worked before Clik Service and how you want to work with Clik Service.  We’ll then tailor a training package specifically for you and come to your offices and spend a day with you. 

After training, you'll be so proficient with Clik Service and all of its many modules, you'll have enough time at the end of your working day for a quick shandy in the pub on the way home. 

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