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  • NICEIC Certification Software uses NICEIC e-certs that are fast and easy to complete, making the process of completing them quicker, simpler and more efficient.  

    E-certs are sent from your device to your contractors device (and back and forth) until sign off, then saved and sent to the customer via email as a PDF.

    With spelling and regulation checking tools and also the option to re-edit a master to resend means zero wastage, keeping costs down.

    Your company logo and digital signatures can also be added, producing professional, fault-free NICEIC certificates.

    On-the-go you can complete NICEIC Certificates offline on your iPad or Android with Clik Elec Cert, and we have just updated NICEIC Certification Software to include an electrical PAT testing certificate.

    All updates are free for the first year and £80 optional yearly fee thereafter. Updates include new features, regs changes, and modifications. 

  • Features
    • Links with Clik Elec Cert iPad app to create certificates on-the-go.
    • Apply digital signatures.
    • Email certificates as PDF's.
    • PAT testing certificate.
    • Import and export certificates to a contractor onsite.
    • Save circuit details and certs as templates.
    • Drop down boxes and shortcut keys.
    • Unlock completed certs for editing.
    • Circuit Wizard.
    • Distribution board designer.
    • Cert verification.
    • Spell checker.
    • Add your own logo.
    • All certificate templates are official NICEIC certs.
    • Print/email official NICEIC certs straight onto plain paper.
    • Purchase certificate numbers online and via telephone.
    • Save money on certs (the least expensive from the NICEIC range of certs)
    • Free iPad or Android app available 
    • Zero wasted paperwork, ability to re-edit a master cert.
    • You store and manage your data.
    • All continuation sheets are free.
    • Fully networkable.
    • Cuts down on the time you spend completing certs.
    • Save time with customisable templates.
    • Free updates for the first year.
    • Free technical support with a valid update subscription.
  • To use NICEIC Certification Software you will need the following:-
    • Disc space required, 50 MB
    • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 (all editions, including R2), Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1, 10
    • To complete, download, print and email certificates:-
    • NICEIC Certification Software
    • Colour printer
    • Internet connection


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