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  • Clik Remote links with Clik Service so that engineers have access to everything they need while working onsite. This means job information, schedules, site data and equipment histories are at your fingertips, twenty-four hours a day, wherever you are.

    Job information can be accessed via any browser on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So viewing, updating and tracking the progress of every job is simple.

    Clik Remote keeps your customers happy too. They can create and log new jobs and see exactly how work is progressing which cuts down on time-consuming telephone enquiries.

  • Features
    • Complete access to job information and schedules from outside the office
    • Create, edit and complete jobs on-site
    • Links with Clik Service for on-going service management
    • Make tailored action lists for specific tasks and check lists
    • Mobile version optimised for smartphones
    • Access Clik Remote on any internet enabled device
    • Upload and view photos or documents on selected devices
    • Produces PDFs from templates on selected devices
    • Works brilliantly on desktop, laptops and tablets
    • Captures multiple customer signatures
    • Engineers can view job, sites, history and equipment
    • Allows you to restrict engineers from taking stock from van locations

    • Keeps track of job progress and expenses
    • Updated job sheets can be seen instantly
    • Remove reliance on paper in and out of the office
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Keeps engineers fully equipped when in the field
    • Let’s customers create and log new work
    • Accessible whenever you need it
    • Compatible with any web browser
    • Improves customer relationships
    • Reduced telephone enquiries

  • What Device Should I Use
    As long as the device has an internet connection and browser you'll be able to use Clik Remote. Popular Smartphones amongst existing customers include iPhones, iPad, Samsung and HTC devices running Android, Windows Mobile 7 & 7.5 devices or you could use a laptop. 


    • Windows IIS 7 or higher
    • Microsoft .NET 4 Extended Edition
    • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 3.0
    • A Fixed IP Address
    • Port forwarding ability on internet router
    • Internet connection
    • Signature capture is supported in Devices that support HTML5 like Apple IOS & Android.

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