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  • Clik Jobs is an Android and iOS app that allows you to link with your Clik Service database. By making the most of mobile Internet and WiFi hotspots, you can now access your Clik Service jobs while on the move.  

    Clik Jobs provides an attractive and efficient way for you to select and modify jobs, just as you can in Clik Service. Clik Jobs allows you to add time items, material items, equipment and documents to your jobs - all while you're away from the office.

    GPS allows you to track your engineers while they are on the move, their routes are sent back to the office and can be viewed at any time.

    Clik Jobs even allows you to attach photos to job sheets and take a customer's signature once your work is complete. You can create jobs on the device and synchronise them back to the office at a later date, for those times that a job starts unexpectedly while you're away from the office.

    Clik Jobs has been designed to function almost entirely without an active Internet connection, allowing you to interact with and modify jobs while in the most remote parts of the country.

  • Features
    • App based system. Jobs can be synced and completed offline
    • Works on iOS and Android devices
    • GPS tracking allows you to monitor your engineers
    • Complete access to job information for allocated engineers
    • Create, edit or complete jobs on site
    • Links with Clik Service for continuous service management
    • Capture and upload photos on site
    • Captures multiple customer and engineer signatures
    • Keeps track of job progress and expenses
    • Updated job sheets can be seen instantly
    • Remove reliance on paper in and out of the office
    • No internet connection needed when in the field (only to upload and download jobs so you could do this before you leave home, or when you have WiFi or 3G)
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Keeps engineers fully equipped when in the field
    • Reduced telephone enquiries
    • Looks good!
  • Desktop (Clik Service):
    • Clik Service 4 (build 247) or higher
    • Internet connection 
    • Valid Clik Cover (for Clik Service).
    Device (Clik Jobs):
    • Any iOS device running iOS7 or higher
    • Any Android device running 4.3 or higher that is supported by Google Play
    • WiFi or 3G/4G connection (for synchronisation of jobs)
    • GPS (Most devices do come with GPS)
    • Valid Clik Cover (for Clik Jobs). This is for the use of our cloud servers which the jobs use, plus updates and support. 

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